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Software testing plays a critical role in ensuring that a software product meets the desired expectations and is free of errors. It involves the manual or automated evaluation of software components to identify any gaps or shortcomings in relation to the defined needs. As a prominent provider of software testing and quality assurance courses in Kochi, Futura Labs recognizes the significance of software testing and has designed its course to introduce the audience to this crucial process and emphasize its importance.

In this course, participants will learn about White Box and Black Box Testing. White Box Testing refers to the testing of the software’s internal structure and coding, while Black Box Testing refers to the testing of the software’s external functionalities.

Software testing & Quality assurance course imparted by Futura Labs, Kochi covers all areas of software testing, from test planning and design to execution and reporting. Students of this course will learn how to identify and classify software defects and how to perform regression testing to ensure that the software product is stable and reliable.

Why is Software Testing Critical?

Software testing is crucial for several reasons.

  • Ensures that the software product meets the requirements and specifications defined by the stakeholders. This helps to eliminate any discrepancies or errors that may occur during the development process.
  • Software testing assures that the software product is reliable and stable. This is achieved by identifying and fixing defects, which helps to prevent errors and crashes that could lead to data loss, system downtime, and even financial loss.
  • Software testing guarantees to improve the user experience. By identifying and fixing defects, software testing helps to ensure that the software product is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Helps to reduce development costs and time-to-market. By identifying defects early in the development process, software testing helps to avoid costly rework and delays that could affect the project’s timeline and budget.

Different Software Testing Types

  • Acceptance Testing: This is a type of testing conducted to determine if a software system meets the requirements and expectations of the end-users or stakeholders. The goal is to ensure that the software is ready for deployment and use in production.
  • Unit Testing: Unit testing focuses on individual units or components of a software system. The goal is to identify any defects or issues in the code at an early stage before the software is integrated and deployed.
  • Functional Testing: This testing method evaluates the functionality of a software system based on predefined requirements. The goal is to ensure that the software system meets the functional requirements and specifications.
  • Performance Testing: Performance testing assesses the performance of a software system under various loads and conditions. The aim is to spot any performance issues or bottlenecks that may affect the system’s usability, responsiveness etc.
  • Exploratory Testing: This is a type of testing that involves exploring a software system in an unscripted and ad-hoc manner. The goal is to uncover defects or issues that may not be apparent through scripted testing, and to provide feedback on the overall user experience.
  • The Software Testing Courses in Kochi offered by Futura Labs are designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of software testing. The diligently crafted course curriculum and the best faculties make Futura Labs Kochi the best training institute.

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    More Courses

    Python– Django Fullstack
    Python– Django Fullstack

    Python is a high-level, object-oriented, and interpreted programming language used widely all across the globe in the present era. The language is famous worldwide for its convenient machine learning and artificial intelligence, making this software development technology the preference of very young learners. The Course equips and enables the trainees to get a placement as Python Developers in Software companies. Futura Labs was started in 2016, and ever since then, it has trained hundreds of candidates in the Python programming language.

    What makes Futura Labs the best Python and Django Training Institute in Kerala?

    • Best Infrastructure: For Python Training in Kerala, we at Futura Labs offer the best state-of-art equipment, technology, and trainers that help you to develop a web application using Python with the Django framework and MySql database.
    • Well-Crafted Course Module: The course module is well-crafted and helps the students become skilled programmers through quality training in Python and Django frameworks. Python Certification Programs at Futura Labs are designed so the trainees can do the web application project from scratch. The teaching modules are elaborate and teach the basics of programming to the most advanced level.
    • Job Allocation: Python as a language has immense use and thus, assures job allocation. However, one must accomplish training in the language with some established training center. Futura Labs has designed its Course to meet the industry standards and import the movement accordingly.
    • Budget-Friendly: All the courses are well within budget and assure that the trainee is qualified to get the job in any software company.

    Python undoubtedly is a powerful, adaptable, and general-purpose programming language. It is an instrumental first language as it is simple and easy to read and has the power to handle any task that is drawn on it. Python has multiple uses, from web development to machine learning and data research.

    Leading Python Training Institute in Calicut

    For the best Python Training in Calicut, enroll with Futura Labs and open up various job opportunities for you. We ensure your job placement with a well-prepared you to beat the industry competition.

    The various courses that we offer are as follows:

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    Php Laravel Fullstack
    Php Laravel Fullstack

    PHP Laravel Full stack is a popular server-side programming language mainly used for web development. It is an open-source scripting language. Numerous companies are working in PHP. Consequently, training in the same will ensure a bright future.

    Since the PHP Laravel Full stack is a widely used language by most SME companies, getting a job is comparatively easy for fresh talents. Futura Labs started training candidates in PHP Laravel Full Stack in 2016 and has accomplished the task. It ensures complete practical training in PHP Laravel Full stack for its trainees to empower them with expertise and confidence. The Futura Labs stand out from the crowd and give an upper hand in our training methodology.

    Best Trainers:

    The mentoring from expert trainers make all the students become skilled software developers. Numerous companies require service from PHP Laravel Fullstack. Thus, training from a certified and seasoned trainer will help you to reach new heights.

    Course Module:

    We at Futura Labs have the best mentor, course module, and technology to help the trainees grasp the subject and work seamlessly on the projects.

    Job Allocation:

    The online world is growing & hence, enormous space is available for talented and qualified web developers. PHP is one of the most robust web development technologies that have taken the market by storm. PHP Training in Calicut will open gateways to a bright career.

    With Futura Labs, one can gain the required skill for web development and start on a remarkable IT industry journey after completing a PHP Laravel Full stack course in Calicut.

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    MERN Fullstack
    MERN Fullstack

    A Mern Full Stack course is such that it helps to build and deploy a social network using not just Node.js or MongoDB but express, react, redux and more. The Course with Futura Labs Calicut is updated and as a result, one will learn to use redux for state management. The language uses and helps to explore Javascript. Thus one gets expertise in using client-side JavaScript application development and the React library.

    Best Infrastructure

    At Futura Labs, for Mern Full Stack training in Kerala, we have the best state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and trainers who train you to quickly implement a single-page application to React. After that, it includes information and training regarding using various React features, including components and forms.

    Well-crafted Course Module

    The course module is well designed that ensures the complete skill development and practical understanding of the trainees through quality training in MERN Full Stack. The Certification Programs at Futura Labs are crafted so the trainees can use Redux to design the architecture for a React-Redux application of the most advanced level.

    Job Allocation

    MERN FULL STACK has enormous use as it assures the trainees with job placements at reputed organizations. However, one must accomplish training in the language with some established training centers to learn all about modern react, including hooks, context API, MERN full stack, and redux, with the help of real-life projects. Importantly, we at Futura Labs follow industry standards and impart training accordingly.


    All the courses are well within budget and assure that the trainee is qualified to get the job in any software company. Futura labs present the best MERN FULL STACK training in Calicut with an affordable fee structure and the best training facilities.

    Mern Full Stack is undoubtedly an informational and engaging course that will help one learn to build Full stack React.JS applications using Node.js, Express.js, and Mongo. DB. Consequently, it is the future and paves the way for new web development technologies.

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    Front End Development
    Front End Development

    Front End Development is meant for the ones who like to learn and build Front-End Developers skills. The training is not a single course but a series of techniques that help to master the skill. The study introduces the role of web services in Enterprise Applications, Best practices, Web JEE Architecture, and Exception Handling. It will then take a hands-on approach to develop Restful Web services using JAX-RS Resources classes, interceptors and filters, and critical design principles and then comes to SOAP Web services with JAX-WS. There is an introduction to JAW-WS, SOAP, and XML. The Course then brings an introduction to HTML forefront end development. Thus it is evident that the Course is not simple but requires training from the best institute so that the trainees become a pro in the subject and can flourish in their careers as front-end developers.

    Why should one take the Front End Development Course with Futura Labs?

    • Comprehensive Training Module: the Front end development in Kerala is about training the mentees in a way that they can create out-of-the-box designs and prove that they are building assets for the company. We ensure that our students will require no or much less redesigning and reworking to lower costs for the hiring firm and that the candidates earn a positive name.
    • Budget-friendly: The front-end development training in Kozhikode offered at Futura Labs is budget-friendly. One can open a gateway for a better and brighter future with nominal expenditure.
    • Extensive Course Material: Before hiring experts for front-end development to garner maximum benefits, any company would like to select someone based on their comprehensive knowledge. Thus one should be trained in a way that they can create positive experiences to create loyalty for the brand. With Futura Labs, rest assured that you are prepared to handle the situations in the best way.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The course is open to anyone who is interested in learning about software testing and quality assurance, regardless of their background. It is particularly beneficial for individuals looking to establish a career in the IT industry or enhance their existing IT skills.
      Graduates of the course can embark on a wide range of positions within the software testing and quality assurance field. This includes roles such as software testers, quality assurance analysts, test automation engineers, and more.
      The course regularly incorporates the latest advancements and emerging trends in the field, such as AI-based testing and DevOps practices. This ensures that students are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills required to succeed in the industry.
      Frequently Asked Questions
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